The PFFA takes great pride in its members and participating partners.  Participating partners are more than sponsors, they are considered part of the PFFA family.  They provide products and services customized for firefighters and their best interest.  These products and services are offered at a better than normal market price.  As a PFFA participating partner you will have a presence at all PFFA events and media platforms.  This includes, but is not limited to, the PFFA state convention, PFFA website and PFFA Facebook page.  This PFFA network will help connect Partners with PFFA members.  Partnerships are reviewed and vetted through the PFFA partnership committee and are renewed annually.  The PFFA partnership committee meets bi-annually, and partnerships will be renewed prior to the state convention. If you want to be a be a PFFA participating partner simply fill out the PFFA participating partnership application and questionnaire on our website and then click submit.