In Memory of

William Katzenstein 1902 Tuscon

Jack Boleyn 1910 Tuscon

J.D. Sullivan 1929 Phoenix

Ambrose Shea 1929 Phoenix

Terry Anderson 1932 Kingman

Eddie Koury 1946 Holbrook

Fred L. Van Camp 1946 Tucson

John Owens 1947 Mesa

Winston West 1947 Mesa

Herb Reggin 1956 Prescott

Dean (Red) Marshall 1970 Rural Metro

John Spradling 1971 Rural Metro

John O. Campbell 1973 Kingman

William L. Casson 1973 Kingman

Joseph M. Chambers III 1973 Kingman

M.B. “Jimmy” Cox 1973 Kingman

Alan H. Hansen 1973 Kingman

Frank S. “Butch” Henry 1973 Kingman

Roger A. Hubka 1973 Kingman

Christopher G. Sanders 1973 Kingman

Arthur C. Stringer 1973 Kingman

Donald G. Webb 1973 Kingman

Richard Lee Williams 1973 Kingman

Randolfph J. Potts 1974 Phoenix

Lester Hillis 1974 Glendale

Walter D. Kelson 1977 Phoenix

Chauncey E. Ray 1977 Phoenix

Floyd Eugene Mason 1977 Peoria

Edward Bell 1979 Tucson

Dale R. Lockett 1979 Phoenix

David Deary 1979 Fry

Edward J. Gaicki 1980 Tempe

Herman Peyton 1983 Parker

Ricky S. Pearce 1984 Phoenix

David Franks 1984 Phoenix

Samuel M. McAnally 1984 Tucson

Jack Robert Stevens 1986 Mesa

Gary Robert Peters 1987 Mesa

Richard Y. Garza 1987 Willcox

James Martz 1989 Eloy

Robert F. Million 1991 Avra Valley

L. Wayne Struble 1992 Williamson Valley

Calvin Morris 1992 Mayer

Timothy J. Hale 1994 Phoenix

Ronald Erwin Holmgreen 1994 Lake Havasu

Bret R. Tarver 2001 Phoenix

Carl Shoemaker 2001 Mesa

Darrell “Ricky” Thomas 2001 Somerton/Cocopah

Gary Archibeque 2004 Show Low

Robert Kotowski 2005 Flagstaff

Valeree Claude 2005 Pinetop

Corey Lawton 2006 Gila River

Mark Stevens Carter 2007 Phoenix

Keith Dawson 2008 Flagstaff

John Delaney 2008 Mesa

Mark A. McNeal 2009 Flagstaff

Eric Tinkham 2009 Queen Creek

Frank J. Molina 2009 Salt River

Dennis W. Robinson 2010 Three Points

David J. Irr 2010 Yuma Rural Metro

Brad Harper 2013 Phoenix

Andrew Ashcraft 2013 Prescott

Robert Caldwell 2013 Prescott

Travis Carter 2013 Prescott

Dustin DeFord 2013 Prescott

Christopher MacKenzie 2013 Prescott

Eric Marsh 2013 Prescott

Grant McKee 2013 Prescott

Sean Misner 2013 Prescott

Scott Norris 2013 Prescott

Wade Parker 2013 Prescott

John Percin, Jr. 2013 Prescott

Anthony Rose 2013 Prescott

Jesse Steed 2013 Prescott

Joe Thurston 2013 Prescott

Travis Turbyfill 2013 Prescott

William Warneke 2013 Prescott

Clayton Whitted 2013 Prescott

Kevin Woyjeck 2013 Prescott

Garret Zuppiger 2013 Prescott

Thomas R. (Tom) Quesnel 2014 Tucson

John F. Jayne 2014 Mesa

Bobby Mollere 2014 Hellsgate

Crystal Rezzonico 2017 Phoenix

Scott P. Ferguson 2017 Rural Metro

Mark (Bo) Boulanger 2018 Chandler

Joshua W. Eugin 2018 Saint David

Richard Anthony Telles 2019 Phoenix

Nikki Imm Sullivan 2019 Mesa

Brian John Beck, Jr. 2019 Phoenix

Austin M. Peck 2019 Goodyear

Tommy Arriaga 2020 Tempe

David Mathis 2020 Phoenix

August 2, 2022 Primary Election PFFA Endorsements

LD 1

  • Senate – Ken Bennett (R)
  • House – Selena Bliss (R)

LD 2

  • Senate – No Endorsement
  • House – Justin Wilmeth (R), Judy Schwiebert (D)

LD 3

  • Senate – No Endorsement
  • House – Nichole Cantelme (R)

LD 4

  • Senate – Christine Marsh (D)
  • House – Matt Gress (R)

LD 5

  • Senate – Lela Alston (D)
  • House – Jennifer Longdon (D), Sarah Liguori (D)

LD 6

  • Senate – Theresa Hatathlie (D)
  • House – Myron Tsosie (D)

LD 7

  • Senate – Kelly Townsend (R)
  • House – David Cook (R)

LD 8

  • Senate – Juan Mendez (D)
  • House – Melody Hernandez (D), Athena Salman (D)

LD 9

  • Senate – Tyler Pace (R)
  • House – Kathy Pearce (R)

LD 10

  • Senate – Rusty Bowers (R)
  • House – No Endorsement

LD 11

  • Senate – Junelle Cavero (D), Catherine Miranda (D)
  • House – Wes Leasy (D), Marcelino Quinonez (D)

LD 12

  • Senate – Mitzi Epstein (D)
  • House – Stacey Travers (D), Terry Roe (R)

LD 13

  • Senate – JD Messnard (R)
  • House – Ron Hardin (R), Jennifer Pawlik (D)

LD 14

  • Senate – No Endorsement
  • House – Travis Grantham (R), Laurin Hendrix (R)

LD 15

  • Senate – No Endorsement
  • House – No Endorsement

LD 16

  • Senate – TJ Shope (R)
  • House – Rob Hudelson (R), Teresa Martinez (R)

LD 17

  • Senate – Vince Leach (R)
  • House – Kirk Fiehler (R)

LD 18

  • Senate – Morgan Abraham (D)
  • House – No Endorsement

LD 19

  • Senate – David Gowan (R)
  • House – Gail Griffin (R)

LD 20

  • Senate – Sally Ann Gonzales (D)
  • House – Andres Cano (D), Alma Hernandez (D)

LD 21

  • Senate – Rosanna Galbadon (D)
  • House – Consuelo Hernandez (D), Stephanie Stahl Hamilton (D)

LD 22

  • Senate – Diego Espinoza (D)
  • House – Lupe Chavira Contreras (D), Lorenzo Sierra (D)

LD 23

  • Senate – Brian Fernandez (D)
  • House – Jesus Lugo Jr. (D), Mariana Sandoval (D)

LD 24

  • Senate – Cesar Chavez (D)
  • House – No Endorsement

LD 25

  • Senate – Sine Kerr (R)
  • House – Tim Dunn (R), Joel John (R)

LD 26

  • Senate – Raquel Teran (D)
  • House – Flavio Bravo (D), Christian Solorio (D)

LD 27

  • Senate – Jamie Kelly (R)
  • House – Kevin Payne (R), Benjamin Toma (R)

LD 28

  • Senate – Frank Caroll (R)
  • House – David Livingston (R), Beverly Pingerelli (R)

LD 29

  • Senate – Joanne Osborne (R)
  • House – Trey Terry (R)

LD 30

  • Senate – Sonny Borelli (R)
  • House – Leo Biasucci (R), Donna McCoy (R)


  • Karrin Taylor Robson (R)
  • Katie Hobbs (D)

Secretary of State

  • Reginald Bolding (D)

Attorney General

  • Rodney Glassman (R)
  • Kris Mayes (D)

State Traesurer

  • Jeff Weninger (R)

Superintendant of Public Instruction

  • Kathy Hoffman (D)
  • Michelle Udall (R)
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Let's help our friends at the Hall of Flame win this New Times Best of Phoenix poll.

You can vote for the Hall of Flame once a day at

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Lets help our friends at the Hall of Flame win this New Times Best of Phoenix poll. 

You can vote for the Hall of Flame once a day at

Click on Arts and Entertainment. The Hall of Flame is under Best Interactive Experience.

Today is the PSPRS Defined Contribution committee meeting. There are two glaring issues that came out.

1. We have some members leaving the 401a plan to private money managers after they retire. Our plan is on it’s way to being a 1 billion dollar plan. When you stay in the plan you get very low fees, institutional class investments, and the State and the PFFA here to help you if you have a problem. Once you leave the PSPRS/Nationwide plan you are on your own as an individual customer. An analogy would be buying your groceries at Costco versus a mini mart.

2. Almost 50 percent of retirees in the PSPRS 401a are leaving all of their money in the “fixed” account. Our “fixed” account is at 2.75 percent, which is great, however some may want to have an advisor help them diversify their DROP money.

We at the PFFA are not here to tell you all what to do with your money, however these two stats are a little troubling. If you have any questions, message us here or give us a call.

Stay safe!!!
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I moved my balance to fixed for the time being. Went from making 19% to losing money under Jackass Biden!

Dear Local leaders,

We are well on our way to campaign for proposition 310, the Arizona Fire District Safety Act. We will be on the ballot in November and in order to promote this critical Arizona Fire Service priority, we need money for signs and other advertising.


We also ask that each of your leaders has a conversation with your Chiefs to inspire them to raise money from vendors, their own pockets and other supporters. I will be sending emails to AFCA and AFDA leadership today as well to solicit their support.

Checks can be made out to:

Arizonan’s for public safety

61 East Columbus, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Thank you so much sisters and brothers!!!!
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The inception of the PFFA came about as a successor to the Arizona State Firemen’s Association, which was founded in 1924. During that time, Tucson Chief Joseph Roberts was the head of the Firemen’s Association. Interestingly enough, activists in that original organization were mostly chiefs and the organization was open to all firefighters, professional and volunteer. One key activist in the AFSA was Phoenix Deputy Chief, Jake Siken.